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Aging into Medicare? - Important Information to Know 

If you're on insulin pump therapy and are about to make the transition from traditional insurance to Medicare, there is important information for you to know. 

Medicare has specific requirements in order for insulin pumps and pump supplies to be covered. Getting a jump start on these requirements will ensure there is no lapse in service are no billing issues with your pump and/or supplies.

Two important requirements to know:

1. You must have a Qualifying C-Peptide lab and Fasting Blood Glucose lab on file. These labs must be drawn at the same time and you only need to have these drawn once in a lifetime. 

2. Moving forward, you must now see your physician every three months. We collect chart notes from each of these three-month visits and keep on file per your insurance guidelines. 

DMS is here to help you navigate through this transitional time. If you have any questions or want to discuss these requirements, feel free to Contact Us

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