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Your Source for Insurance Information

The world of insurance qualification and paperwork can be a confusing one, which is why Diabetes Management & Supplies is here to support you every step of the way. Learn more about the benefits of working with us, insurance qualifications for different products, our insurance representatives and companies below.


Insulin Pump Coverage Determination

If you need an insulin pump and are not sure what determines whether it is covered or not, please click on the button below for more information.

Insulin Pump Coverage

Insurance Benefits

Here are a few benefits of working with Diabetes Management & Supplies when it comes to insurance:

  • We're often in network
  • We assist in maximizing customer benefits by doing a thorough investigation of your benefits
  • We file exemptions for the initial order until contracted if we are out of network

If you have any questions about how we can help you through the insurance process, contact us by calling 1-888-738-7929 or email [email protected].

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Insurance Representatives

Our team works closely with insurance representatives and assists them in the proper product determination and also Pre-Qualification. We also:

  • Have supplies from major manufacturers and brands
  • Process all forms and paperwork for servicing their insured members
  • Provide an easy path to patient referrals

We're here to help. Contact DMS today if you have any questions.

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Insurance Insights

Diabetes Disease Management & the Reductions of Hospitalizations & Overall Costs

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 23% of the over-60 population is affected by diabetes. This group accounts for over 50% of all diabetes-related healthcare costs and this means Medicare is carrying the burden. One consistent conclusion is that all this cost can be managed with additional, disease-appropriate, hands-on care. This starts with the education of individuals with diabetes.

From patient education to foot exams, lab tests and treatment plans, the same conclusion is reached: Diabetes Disease Management plans help reduce hospitalizations and costs for diabetes populations like those over 60 years of age. Programs as simple as nurse phone calls for disease management, and diabetes education have proven to lower hospital visits and costs associated with the care and treatment of diabetes.

Case Study:

In one study, a control group was compared to a study group where the study group received phone calls that provided education to each patient. Follow-up details were provided to each patient's physician when they were signed up for the program when they were educated, and their progress recorded while enrolled. This data was delivered to each physician prior to the patient’s next visit. This allowed for a more detailed conversation between the patient and physician, ensuring a better understanding of what the expectations were for the patient to best manage their diabetes.

At the conclusion of the study, the study group reduced costs per year by $985 per member, while the control group had an increase per member per year of over $4,500. The most significant cost reduction was the result of fewer all-cause related hospital admissions. Those members of the study group with zero all-cause hospital admissions increased from 41% to 63%, while the number members of the control group with zero all-cause hospital admissions decreased from 48% to 43%. Most importantly, the study group had significant improvements in all clinical health measures compared to the control group.

As the rate of diabetes grows throughout the US, it is vital that constant education and care management be provided to all diabetes patients. Better education equates to improved maintenance and treatment of their diabetes and other related and ancillary health conditions, which leads to reduced need for healthcare services. Everyone benefits from lower healthcare needs including patients, Medicare, taxpayers, insurers, ancillary providers and medical professional teams that work with diabetes. Clearly, it is best to take a proactive approach with diabetes for the health of the patients and the costs associated with treating the disease.

1Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Jan 5, 2011
2University of Chicago study, Journal of Diabetes Care, December 2010 issue
3“Diabetes Disease Management in Medicare Advantage Reduces Hospitalization and Costs” Rosenzweig, Taitel, Norman, Moore, Turenne and Tang; American Journal of Managed Care, July 2010, Vol. 16, NO. 7, pg. e157-e161.

Reducing Diabetes Testing Supplies Costs

Smart Use of Insurance Benefits & Product Alternatives

It is difficult for the average consumer to understand all the ins and outs of health insurance plans. Managing your insurance benefits wisely can help you reduce the overall costs of your diabetes testing supplies. At Diabetes Management and Supplies, we want to help you reduce your costs for treating your diabetes by maximizing the amount covered through your health insurance.

Health insurance plans include two benefit categories: medical benefits and pharmacy benefits. The benefits are separate for each category, with separate deductibles, co-pays, and benefits. By combining your diabetes testing supplies with your medical supplies, it is possible to reduce your personal costs by eliminating some co-pays or meeting your deductibles more quickly and activating your insurance benefits sooner. Diabetes Management & Supplies is one of the few healthcare companies in the US that is both a provider of medical products and pharmacy products and in some instances we can file your medical products and pharmacy orders to either your insurance plan's medical benefits or pharmacy benefits, whichever is least costly for you.

Another way Diabetes Management & Supplies can help you lower the cost of your diabetes testing supplies is by offering alternative product equivalents that are the same or similar product but cost less than what you are currently ordering. Diabetes Management & Supplies carries a full line of diabetes products and testing supplies from all major manufacturers and can find the product and supplies that are least costly under your health insurance plan.

Diabetes Management & Supplies services thousands of customers and works with hundreds of health insurance plans. Let our experienced and knowledgeable staff perform a free benefit analysis to determine if Diabetes Management & Supplies can save you money on your diabetes testing supplies. Call one of our pump specialists at (888) 738-7929 to determine if we can help you cut the cost of your diabetes care self-management.

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