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Diabetic Shoes

Proper foot care is a significant component to diabetes self-management. And therapeutic shoes are an excellent proactive tool for healthy feet. They help to improve mobility, avoid injury, wounds and ulcers; and is the most preventable way to avoid amputation. 

At DMS, we offer a selection of therapeutic shoes to fit casual, athletic or dressy styles. 

When you receive your shoes from DMS, you will be given a throughout evaluation of your feet and will receive 6 inserts that are molded to the forefoot, arch and heel to ensure a proper fit and level of comfort.You are taught to rotate these every month, so you will have a proper fit each and every time you wear your therapeutic shoes.

Shoe fitting appointments are available to local Louisiana residents and also come with an education consult with our certified diabetic shoe fitter. 

Our certified diabetic shoe fitter, who is a member of our education team, will conduct a brief education class with you to ensure you are knowledgeable about your current diabetes self-management and how to properly care for your feet on a daily basis.

If you have a open wound, we cannot complete a shoe fitting. However, for patients with diabetic neuropathy, therapeutic shoes are an excellent tool for wound prevention. 

Most diabetic shoes are covered by insurance at little or no cost to you as an annual benefit. 

For more information about starting your shoe order, contact the DMS Shoe Department at 504.734.7165 ext.1114 or email us at [email protected].

View our current shoe offerings. 

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