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Diabetes Education & Wellness

Diabetes Management Made Easier

The team at Diabetes Management & Supplies is dedicated to making self-management of patients' diabetes easier. Through our education, resources and wide selection of diabetes supplies - we can help our clients live their lives to the fullest while managing their diabetes. Whether you or a loved one lives with diabetes, you can find helpful information on the different types of diabetes that exist, more information on how to effectively self-manage and further resources and support from our team of dedicated and experienced specialists. Get started by exploring some of the sections below.

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Your Time in Range (TIR)

Time in Range (TIR) is the amount of time your glucose levels remain between 70 – 180 mg/dL. It provides visibility of your high and low glucose levels throughout the day. More time in range means less severe highs and lows – and is correlated with a better quality of life. The goal is to stay in the target or goal range for at least 70% of a 24-hour period. The best range may be more of a clinical indicator of successful blood glucose management than the Hemoglobin A1c test.

TIR provides the best example of self-management technology and education skills to maintain blood glucose management. When using the tool, the patient, device technology, and the diabetes care team come together to form a treatment plan that allows for better diabetes self- management.

How to Achieve Optimum Time in Range?

CGM + Insulin Pump Therapy = Time in Range

Current devices like CGMs that are linked to an insulin pump will allow you to see where the blood glucose level is and trending. This knowledge through both the real-time readings and daily data graphs can show that at a certain time of day you experience either high or low blood glucose and how this can be managed with the adjustment of a treatment regimen by the patient’s diabetes care team or with approved insulin self-adjustment (correction bolus dosing) which empower the individual to utilize these to develop more advanced skills of self-management.


Insulin Pump Training and Support

Our educators can help you decide if pump therapy is right for you and help take the fear out of using an insulin pump. They can also provide insulin pump guidance on usage on all major insulin pumps. In collaboration with healthcare providers, our educators can also help pumpers improve their control by helping them fine-tune pump settings and problem solve fluctuations in blood glucose as well as other pump and infusion site issues along with their physician.

In addition to pump therapy, our educators can also teach people with diabetes how to use a continuous glucose monitor (CGM). The CGM reads out blood glucose data every 1 to 5 minutes and shows whether a person’s glucose is rising or falling. Combining CGM with pump therapy can provide a method to monitor and manage blood glucose levels. The information obtained can also help to fine-tune the pump settings.

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