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Diabetes Equipment & Supplies

Safely, effectively and more easily manage your diabetes with the diabetes supplies provided by us! As a leading provider, we carry everything from Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs), insulin pumps, testing supplies, and shoes. Explore our catalog to see some of what we have available or contact us and we’ll help you find what you need.


A CGM is a device worn on your abdomen or arm that has a sensor that checks your interstitial fluid every five minutes. CGMs worn on the outside of your body are changed every 7-14 days, depending on the brand. DMS also offers CGMs that are implanted under the skin which may be worn for 90 days. The device generates 288 blood sugar readings a day. You may need to check your blood sugar with finger sticks with some brands. CGMs provide valuable information for people who have wide swings in their blood glucose or who have A1c values (see below) that don’t match their blood glucose meter readings. Understanding where your blood glucose is trending will help eliminate extreme highs and lows with your levels.

Insulin Delivery:

In addition to insulin given by a syringe or pen device, the most advanced option is an insulin pump. These are small devices, about the size of a cell phone, that deliver insulin continuously through narrow tubing that inserts just under the skin. Prior to eating, you simply administer an additional amount of insulin that will offset the intake of carbohydrates. Pumps are programmed to meet individual needs and, with training and practice, can be valued technology in helping you manage your diabetes. Like all medical decisions, this is one you should make with your doctor.

A1C Tests:

The A1c is a blood test that shows your blood sugar control over the past 2-3 months. Landmark studies have shown if your A1c is 7.0 or lower, your risk of complications from diabetes is low. Because the A1c is so important, your doctor may order this test as often as every 3 months, or at least twice a year. Using a CGM will give you greater control in achieving your target range.

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